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Sacred Healing Journey - Group-ThetaHealing® for women

This is an offer for women who want to work on their issues in community and in connection with other women, to heal old wounds and to revitalize or renew their lives. This ongoing ThetaHealing® group for women offers a sacred protection and healing space in which every individual can experience that it is possible to show their true self and to be accepted and held in the same way.

Do you want to finally be free from fears, negative thoughts, depression or low self-esteem? Do you want to find your soul mate or free yourself from toxic relationships? Maybe you want a career change or more abundance in your life? No matter what it is that you come with, this ThetaHealing® group is the right place for you.

The group is designed in such a way that I use ThetaHealing® to work on and resolve the topics that the participants bring with them. There is a change between focused individual work (with the other participants as compassionate observers) and Theta Healing, which is offered for the whole group (e.g. downloads of emotions, energetic healing or changing of beliefs). In addition, participants can share and give feedback about what they experienced and felt in the individual work or as an observer. If it is suitable, I also accompany the participants through a guided ThetaHealing® meditation.

Each participant gets the opportunity to work on their topics in order to experience changes in their feelings and their lives. There is also the opportunity to feel seen and accepted by the compassion and support of the other participants. This experience in itself is very healing and opens the room for deep connections with each other.

Image by Becca Tapert

Ongoing ThetaHealing® Group in Berlin

8 weeks cycle | Max. 6 participants

One 2h session per week, every Tuesday from 6-8pm

Venue: Kurze Str. 1, 12167 Berlin

(next possible start in March 2024)


300€ for 8 weeks (or 150€ as monthly payment)

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