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Client Reviews

R.K. (online session)

Can't thank you enough Christine for that session. I am glad I didn't know what to expect as it just made it even more amazing and I am still surprised at how at ease I feel about that situation now.

Vishnupriya (online session)

Christine is an amazing Theta Healer and it was my absolute gift that I got to work with her. She is very intuitive and was able to guide me through the process of deep digging into a resentment I had held for years. She was able to get to the root of it and help me release my misunderstandings and limiting beliefs underneath my resentment. After the session, I was able to feel gratitude instead of resentment and I'm absolutely thankful for her amazing healing. I highly recommend Christine if you're looking for a Theta Healer who works from the heart and who can hold space for you!

PH (Berlin)

After my session with Christine, I felt such a wonderful release of old blockages, and there were clear signs in my life shortly after that I was in flow to receiving abundance! She really made me feel comfortable with the process and was very intuitive in seeing what needed to be addressed in releasing negative patterns. She was very thorough in finding the source of my limiting beliefs, and I was able to recognize patterns and release them very quickly.

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