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How does a ThetaHealing® session look like?

ThetaHealing® is a dialogue based method. That is to say, that I am talking to the client throughout the session. I ask questions and listen to my clients answers and reactions attentively. This might seem counter-intuitive given the meditative focus of ThetaHealing®. However, a skilled practicioner is able to maintain the theta state obtained through meditation when talking and listening with ease or can switch between the brain wave states alpha and theta very quickly.

In a session I tend to sit on the side and face to face to the client. This position ist most suitable, because in ThetaHealing® I use so-called muscle testing on one hand in order to check whether or not particular beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind of the client. At the end of the energywork or energetic shift I use the muscle test to check or prove, that the belief has indeed changed.

In general, a session will have the following structure:

  • Brief discussion of the topic resp. intention the client wants to work on.

  • Attunement for the session.

I enter the theta state through a very short meditation, connect to the energy field of my client and take a "reading" through the creator. For this reading I either only enter the energy field or the body of the client with my consciousness in order to allow the consciousness of creation to show me, what the root cause of the problem of my client is and how I can guide him to find or become aware of it (e.g. in the form of limiting beliefs, unconscious programs, emotions or traumata).

  • Digging, releasing of beliefs, emotions and traumata.

By means of certain questions, which is referred to in ThetaHealing as Digging, I guide the client  in a process of awareness and realisation to the root cause of his problem. In my opinion it is important, that the client recognizes the cause "by himself" with my help and the upcoming questions, because the process of becoming aware, this "Aha!" experience is instrumental in the clients healing. In addition, that way the clients has more control and awareness about what is happening in the session and why certain programs are stored in the subconsciousness. As soon as the root cause has been found, I offer the client to replace what we found through the energy of creation. That is to say, that beliefs are being replaced, traumata released and emotions are being instilled (so-called downloads of emotions) in the system of the client through source-energy. When this is completed, I invite the client to consider, what he (or his ancestors) has learnt from a particular situation or a belief and whether there are any advantages for this belief. This is very important, as the subconsciousness won't let go of a belief if it might loose a learning attached to the belief or if there are any advantages in holding on to this belief.

  • Closure

In many cases I close a session by inviting the client to sense whether his initial feeling has changed. This can happen by reflecting on the initial situation or issue the client came with in order to see whether or not the emotional reaction to that issue is changed.

This is a rough overview over what can happen in a session. However, since every person is different, I always fully adjust to the needs and conditions of my client. That is to say, that I allow myself to be guided by what I find within the client, what he is telling me and the information I receive from the creator through my intuition. No sessions therefor look alike. Moreover, I ask the client for permission everytime I intend to change a belief or download an emotion. This consent is, on the one hand, a signal to the subconsciousness, so that it is prepared for the change that is going to occur. On the other hand, that way the client has more control over what is happening with him. Therefrom the client can refuse his permission or request the redraft e.g. of a new belief or suggest the download of a particular emotion if this would feel more appropriate for him.

Online Sessions

Online sessions proceed in a similiar way as a face-to-face conversation. Since the connection I establish with the client and source energy occurs through my consciousness (which is not bound to a particular location) a session can take place from the distance.  The only difference is that instead of muskle-testing the client myself, I instruct them to perform the muscle test on themselves.

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