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"Live the life you want"

Vianna Stibal (Founder of ThetaHealing®)

ThetaHealing Selbstverwirklichung Christine Porath

How ThetaHealing® can help you!

ThetaHealing® is a meditative process which was developed by Vianna Stibal in 1995. This process induces a theta brainwave in the practicioner as well as the client.

That way it is possible to access the subconscious mind. By means of certain questioning techniques, intuition and the work with source energy, it is possible to reprogram the subconscious mind. Stored, unconscious beliefs and emotions that co-determine our behaviour and our reality can be transformed to more enhancing programs.

Your thoughts create your reality


"Since everything is a reflection

of our minds, everything can be

changed by our minds." Buddha

If you repeatedly experience situations in which you have negative feelings and thoughts, if you suffer from chronic illnesses or "attract" difficult and challenging experiences, then this is an indication that certain unconscious beliefs determine your life from the background. You may already be trying to make changes in your life, but you are simply not making progress or are being inhibited by fear.

This can have an impact on every area of life. For some people, it only affects one area where things may not go well, while in other areas success is achieved with ease. Just as our "negative" beliefs determine our reality, this is also true for the "positive" ones - fortunately those are there, too :-)!

ThetaHealing® - your path to ultimative self-realisation

The alteration of limiting or blocking beliefs creates an opening for the intervention of unconditional love of the universe. This enhances our self-healing abilities and allows us to bring about positive change in all areas of our life – may this be in your career, with regards to your love-life, in your relationship to yourself or your general sense of well-being.

Work on these topics can be accompanied with ThetaHealing®:

  • health*

  • conscious manifestation *

  • finding your Soul Mate*

  • blockages with regards to relationships and love*

  • weightreduction*

  • anxiety & anger or grief*

  • career and blockages with regards to money*

  • old vows or curses*

* ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique and a spiritual philosophy for the enhancement of body, spirit and soul. This technique doesn't replace any diagnoses or treatments with medical doctors or CAM practitioner. I do not give a promise of salvation and my coaching offers are no guarantee for a specific outcome. The participation in a ThetaHealing® session with me happens at your own risk and I do not accept any liability.

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