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How does ThetaHealing ® work ?

How does ThetaHealing® work?

The underlying assumption in ThetaHealing® is that everything in the Universe is made out of and connected through Energy. Everything that exists - i.e. your thoughts, emotions, your body, all the firm or soft objects, plants, the music you are listening to and the water you drink - consists of energy and has varying frequencies and structures. The higher the frequency, the lighter the matter. The energetic structure of water (in the form of the arrangement of the molecules) is visible quite beautifully when it is frozen. It shows crystal structures that can be changed.

Wasser Struktur

The frequency and the structure of energy can interfere with each other and can be changed. Physics has shown us, that energy doesn't disappear nor get lost, but it can be transformed. Energy can be characterized e.g. as wave, as vibration or structure .

Experiments conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto suggest, that negative thoughts or emotions display a more incoherent or chaotic structure than positive or higher vibrating thought forms or emotions.

In ThetaHealing® I put myself in an expanded state of consciousness (theta state) through a form of meditation which allows me to connect to the energy field of my client as well as the energy of source/creation. You can think of this energy of creation as the energy form with the highest vibration and structure or order which at the same time is an all-encompassing consciousness, from which everything that exists, is made of.

From an energetic standpoint you could say, that with ThetaHealing® you can bring order into the chaos of your thoughts, emotions and your molecules.

In my connection to the energy of creation I can request for the client, that the energetic structure of his/her system be changed. You could think of this request as an intention or a prayer. However, this happens with a sense of knowing, that I and the client are one with source/creation (which might be different with regards to a prayer). To this effect, a new reality is created out of pure thought and pure intent. However, I am not the creator as such, but I set the all-encompassing energy of the universe in motion with my intention and my focused thoughts and observe or witness, how the change takes place in the client. This observation is done through our so-called psychic senses - which can be vision, sentience, hearing or knowing (or a combination of any of them), depending on which of these senses are more pronounced.

"Be realistic, expect miracles." Osho

There is scientific evidence that intention (which is a pure, focused thought) has a noticable impact and can bring about change. Lynn McTaggart's experiments are certainly some examples out of many.

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