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ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper - Foundation Seminar

Investment: 395 €

Do you want to repeat? Then you only pay 50%

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The Dig Deeper Seminar is the third of the ThetaHealing ® Foundation Seminars and is designed to give you the opportunity to refine and deepen the Digging Technique. In ThetaHealing®, digging refers to the targeted use of questions in order to let you or a client recognize the cause of a problem or an illness in order to resolve it.

Digging for beliefs is an important part of the ThetaHealing® method and essential to uncover the hidden, subconscious programs and beliefs that are blocking you or your client in their life and on the path to healing.

In this seminar you will receive practical tips and demonstrations of the various digging approaches and have the opportunity to practice the digging technique in a very practical way and with my guidance.


You will receive a certificate from Vianna Stibal's THInK-Institute of Knowledge®. It entitles you to use this technique commercially.


The seminar includes: ThetaHealing® Digging for Beliefs Book

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