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How I found ThetaHealing®


For many years, I lived with many misunderstandings about myself, life and other people.. Several times I got into the so-called deepest and darkest night of my soul, from which I thought I could never find a way out. I could not see or feel who I really was, nor could I see that I had created my own life as it was back then - through my unconscious programs, beliefs.

Because of, or maybe even thanks to, recurring depressions, I came across meditation and Reiki in 2017 during my long search for healing. Both Reiki and the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who inspired me to practice meditation on a daily basis, helped me to open out old patterns of behavior and thoughts and helped me to remember.

My analytical mind was actually initially very skeptical when I first came into contact with the energy work Reiki. Thanks to my housemate at the time, who was studying Reiki and looking for someone to practice with, I got involved and was amazed at the energy and perceptions that I felt during the sessions. This left a lasting impression on me and meant an important change of direction in my life.

Since 2018, I have also been increasingly interested in the Law of Attraction and the impact of beliefs on how my life has been. I was and still am extremely excited when I successfully manifest something in my life by consciously directing my thoughts and feelings. However, the ability to manifest also made me realize that a positive manifestation is not a nice "exception", but a characteristic of our existence. Therefore, every situation, experience and person in my life is a result of my subconscious manifestation, that is, my subconscious beliefs and expectations. The good thing is that even unconscious programs can be changed!

In 2019 I got to know PSYCH-K®, a method with which the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed. This created a desire for a modality that combines energy and belief work.

In the summer of 2019 a "coincidence" wanted me to learn ThetaHealing®, with which I had found exactly this healing modality. I was immediately fired up and since then have cast off many layers and got rid of a lot of ballast. The positive changes in me and my life have convinced me!

With ThetaHealing® I have reached a level of self-love, zest for life, self-confidence and ease that I could not even imagine years ago! With each layer that I am able to cast off, I get a little bit closer to my true self - closer to the love through which I exist. Everything with incredible depth and ease! A fascinating journey that has just begun!

It is my heart's desire to accompany other people on their way to themselves and to a life of greater joy, freedom and ease. It is a pleasure for me to hold the space for you with compassion and empathy in which you too can free yourself from your ballast and find yourself.

Allow yourself to be taken by the hand, on your way to yourself!

03.2018: Reiki Level 1 (Anna Rose, Bristol, UK)

12.2018: Reiki Level 2 (Anna Rose, Bristol, UK)

02.2019: PSYCH-K® Basic (C. Dare, London)

08.2019: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA (Lena Voigt, Berlin)

09.2019: ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA (Lena Voigt, Berlin)

09.2019: ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper (Lena Voigt, Berlin)

09.2019: ThetaHealing® Soulmate (Lena Voigt, Berlin)

12.2019: ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance (Lena Voigt, Berlin)

02.2020: ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy (Pure Theta, Berlin)

07.2020: ThetaHealing® You and God (Juliana Tash, Berlin)

08.2020: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Instructor (Vianna Stibal)

10.2020: ThetaHealing® DNA3 (Pure Theta, Berlin)

01.2021: ThetaHealing® World Relations (Lena Voigt, Berlin)

02.2021: ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Instructor (Vianna Stibal)

03.2021: ThetaHealing® You and Your Inner Circle (Pure Theta, Berlin)

05.2021: ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Instructor (Vianna Stibal)

05.2021: ThetaHealing® You and the Creator Instructor (Vianna Stibal)

08.2021: ThetaHealing® You and the Earth (Pure Theta, Berlin)

11.2021: ThetaHealing® You and the Earth Instructor (Vianna Stibal)

11.2021: ThetaHealing® Rainbowchildren Instructor (Joshua Stibal)

11.2022: ThetaHealing® Soul Mate Instructor (Vianna Stibal)

11.2022: ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Instrutor (Vianna Stibal)

03.2023: ThetaHealing® Disease and Disorder (Sabine Dietrich)

07.2023: ThetaHealing® Intuititive Anatomy Instructor (Vianna Stibal)

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