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Self-love - Theta-Coaching Programme

Image by Darius Bashar

Self-love is the basis for mental and physical well-being and a sustainable zest for life, but also successful, enriching interpersonal relationships and financial prosperity are based on it.

Although we live in an individualized society and women in particular enjoy more rights than 50 years ago, this is often not tied to a greater degree of self-love.

This can become visible through a lack of self-esteem, general insecurity or a low level of self-confidence. It's also related to strong self-criticism or high demands on yourself - for women with the tendency of self-abandonment for other people or the family. Often people who love themselves little find themselves in relationships with partners who are critical, hurtful, stressful, demanding and not very supportive.

          This can change - with ease!

If you suffer from self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, the feeling of not being good enough or not deserving love. If you often draw people into your life who are not doing you good or you tend to wear yourself out for other people or your job and neglect your own well-being - then this coaching program is just right for you!

What to expect from the "Self-Love! Theta-Coaching" Programme?

  • Empathic and intuitive support over 2 months with weekly 90-minute sessions (8 sessions in total).
  • Development of your goals and vision for a life in more self-love and self-esteem

  • Discovery of and work on unconscious programs such as beliefs or stored emotions, memories and pain with the help of the ThetaHealing® technique, which prevent you from designing your life motivated by self-love

  • Instructions for carrying out activities and techniques that are tailored to you and that can be integrated into your life so that you love and appreciate yourself more in the long term and align your life accordingly

Investment in yourself: 1110€ (as full payment) or 570€ (monthly payment)

NOW - is your time to shine!

You want to know more?

Arrange a free trial session now!

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