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Zest of Life - Theta-Coaching Programme

Life consists of many aspects and areas that have an impact on our general well-being and satisfaction. A lack of balance and fulfillment in several areas of life has an important influence on whether or not and to what extent we can enjoy life.

Do you want more satisfaction and self-fulfillment and some of your areas of life are out of balance or unfulfilled? Do you want to change your life fundamentally and create a life according to your wishes? Are you ready to become a master of your life?


Empower yourself and recognize your true potential

Image by Ravi Roshan

In my Life Mastery Coaching Programme, I use ThetaHealing® and coaching techniques, with which we will remove emotional blockages and belief patterns that have previously prevented you from living a fulfilling life. In addition, you will learn techniques with which you can develop a clear life vision and manifest a life according to your wishes.

What to expect from the "Life Mastery" Theta-Coaching Programme?

  • Empathetic companionship over 12 months with 50 x 90min sessions - once or twice a week in agreement with you and your availability.

  • Formulation of your goals and vision of your life in those areas of your life that are most important to you

  • Discovery of and work on unconscious programs such as beliefs or stored emotions and memories with the help of the ThetaHealing® technique, which prevent you from leading a fulfilled life according to your ideas and wishes

  • Introduction into the Law of attraction and methods for the conscious manifestation of your reality

  • Instructions for carrying out activities and techniques that are tailored to you and that can be integrated into your life and that will lead you to the Mastery of your life

Investment in yourself: 6800€ (payment in installments on request)

You want to know more?

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