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Zest of Life - Theta-Coaching Programme

According to a WHO study, around 322 million people worldwide are affected by depression (as of 2015*). Depression has a drastic  and often permanent impact on the quality of life of the person concerned.

Do you suffer from depression or depressive mood repeatedly or permanently?

Have you tried everything to get out of the depression hole away from the spiral of negative thoughts?

Image by Noémi Macavei-Katócz

Allow yourself to experience more zest of life and ease now!

In my coaching programme I use a combination of ThetaHealing® and Coaching techniques that will guide you towards activating your self-healing powers, recognize your potential and actively find your way out of depression and lift your mind to positive thoughts and feelings.

I have suffered from depression for years myself and back then could hardly imagine ever living a life without depression and the desire to die. However, I have been able to heal myself through various techniques such as meditation and belief work and am now enjoying a life full of joy and zest for action. And you can do the same!

What to expect from the "Zest of Life" Theta-Coaching Programme?

  • Empathetic companionship over 4 months with weekly 90min sessions (16 sessions in total).

  • Formulation of your goals and vision of your life without depression and with more joy and ease.

  • Discovery of and work on unconscious programs such as beliefs or stored emotions and memories with the help of the ThetaHealing® technique, which prevent you from leading a fulfilled life full of joy, direction and zest for action.

  • Instructions for carrying out activities and techniques that are tailored to you and that can be integrated into your life so that you can be and remain happy in the long term.

Investment in yourself: 2220€ (as full payment) or 570€ (monthly payment)

NOW - is your time to live!

You want to know more?

Arrange a free trial session now!

* My coaching offer is not a promise of healing or salvation nor do I give a guarantee of success! In this programme I will teach you strategies and tools that have helped me to cure myself of depression permanently and without medication. It is about activating your self-healing powers and eliminating beliefs that prevent you from healing yourself from depression and having a more positive outlook on life.

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