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            conscious  femininity

Find your home inside yourself, in harmony with your soul, your spirit, your feelings and your female body!

3-month program of individual coaching and intuitive healing sessions

Feeling completely comfortable in your own existence and with your own body is a source of strength, inspiration and joy.


To decide now to be here in this world and to accept and love every aspect of your being will open you to realize why you became human and what you have set out to do in this life.


Unconditional self-love, acceptance and forgiveness is a prerequisite for well-being, lifelong health and vitality.


The realization and the feeling that you are, were and will always be held in unconditional love, makes it so much easier to exist and to come into your creative potential.

You are valuable

Image by Darius Bashar

In this program I accompany women who want to find a new feeling of home in themselves, who want to learn to love their femininity and their female, human body completely and are ready to embrace their incarnation and their soul's purpose!

This is a deep and transforming journey into your subconscious mind, during which old, emotional wounds are energetically healed, no longer useful beliefs and programming from your childhood, from your ancestors and from the collective consciousness will be changed. The old may give way to new and nurturing programs that will support you to blossom in self-love and new strength. This creates the basis for a new, intimate and loving connection to yourself.

Goal setting

Together we will develop your goal, your new self-awareness and feeling as a woman in your actual life. You develop strategies and rituals to connect with yourself, your emotions and your body and to nourish them.


Conscious breathing is a wonderful way to connect with your own body, feelings and life energy and activate them. We will use certain breathing techniques such as HeartMath heart breathing to bring you into your own heart connection.


ThetaHealing® is an effective method to track down and change subconscious programs and beliefs. Old, stored feelings can be dissolved, so that there is room for new energy. When we change the way we think about ourselves and others, our reactions and feelings can change too.

This program is for you if ...

Image by Darius Bashar
  • You want to feel more at home in your body and in your life and you want an intimate connection with yourself


  • You want to feel more comfortable with being human and a woman and you are ready to develop a more positive self-image


  • You want to take your place in life more confidently, with the security of knowing who you are and what you want


  • You want to know and appreciate your own worth in order to be able to go your own way


  • You know that your subconscious, limiting beliefs keep you from reaching your full potential


  • You are ready to shed old patterns and programs, stand up for yourself and take responsibility for your life and your self-esteem

Your existence is important!

What awaits you:

  • Together we will uncover and dissolve outdated, subconscious beliefs and programs from your childhood, from your ancestors, group consciousness and misunderstandings of your soul that have blocked you so far, in order to replace them with positive beliefs.


  • I accompany you to energetically heal old emotional wounds and injuries, to let go of anger and fears and thereby to have your strength and your presence completely with you again


  • You learn to appreciate your body and yourself and to treat yourself lovingly in everyday life


  • New, positive feelings and thoughts about yourself and about being a woman and a human are invited and you learn to let this new attitude towards yourself and life become your everyday life


  • You learn to open your heart to yourself, the people around you and the world

Image by Jessica Felicio

This is included in the program

  • 1 x 60min individual session on goal setting, alignment and healing meditation Baby in the womb


  • 11 x 90min individual sessions with ThetaHealing ® energy work and breathing exercises


  • recorded, guided ThetaHealing ® meditation "Healing of you as a baby in the womb" and "Forgiveness exercise"


  • 1x "Highest Potential" essential oil blend from Young Living


  • 15min additional What's App support per week


          Feel held and supported

Legal notice: My coaching offer is not a promise of healing or a guarantee of success! The goals and changes mentioned are based on the experiences of my clients and can vary from person to person. Everyone is different and so is the course of their personal development.

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